Block Ads on YouTube with Simple URL Trick
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Block Ads on YouTube with Simple URL Trick


Sometimes YouTube ads may be annoying, so you don’t have to worry again because I’m going to teach you How to Block Ads on YouTube with Simple URL Trick. This is going to be an amazing trick founded by a Reddit User.

Honestly, those ads you saw on YouTube while watching the video, the video creator earns from it. So whenever you watch videos on YouTube just know that the owner of the channel will probably earn from it.

However, those ads are really annoying especially when watching along with videos, those ads will keep on showing from time to time. You may be upset about the ads but worry no more, I’ll guide you on how to block ads on YouTube with simple URL trick.

A Reddit user has discovered a new way to bypass Google ads scripts and cookies on YouTube, this will enable you to watch countless videos on YouTube without ads.

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How to Block Ads on YouTube with Simple URL Trick

Below are the simple guide tips to bypass Google ads scripts on YouTube and watch videos without Ads.

  • Open your browser on Android/iPhone/PC and then visit
  • Now, locate the video you want to watch without ads and then copy the URL
  • Paste the URL again in the URL address bar
  • The URL looks something like

  • Then add dot (.) after .com, this makes the URL look something like

  • Hit enter, enjoy YouTube videos without ads.

Notice that you don’t have to add the dot on all the videos before you bypass the ads, once you perform this trick on a video all the other videos will stop showing ads.

What Should You do If the Video Shows Ads?

Just check the address bar if there is still dot after the .com

Report any issues in the comment section below, I’ll be happy to answer. This trick was discovered by a Reddit user, kudos to him. Share this post if you like it.

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