Apply for Master’s Scholarship – Complete Guide

Apply for Master’s Scholarship. I will be showing you have to gain admission into foreign universities and other things you will need to know.

Do you know that Master’s scholarship is one of the universities degree program that many Africans usually apply for?. Though i don’t really know why.

I guess the major reason why most African students chooses Master’s program is because of its higher opportunities. Yes, they are given more opportunities.

There are automatic provisions of jobs to every student that got approval into the scholarships program.

Though every universities and colleges has its different requirements that every applicant is expected to reach.

We advise you to access at least 5 different school to know the best that suit you. This is the first step to determine your eligibility.

And also summit your applications into 2 to 3 different universities for easy approval.

Why you should summit your applications into many universities

  • It will help you to have second or third choices if the other universities fail to accept your scholarships applications.
  • You can choose from the best universities if you get multiple approval.
  • Chances of getting master’s scholarship approval is assured.

Next: Click below and see the lists of Institutions offering master’s program.

List and Requirements


  1. I am Mohammed Nesre Ali .I graduated electrical and computer engineering electrical power stream Jimma university. Jimma Ethiopia thanks for this chance.

  2. Dear sir
    My name Abdallah I finish study at cyprus in Emu University for animation game design. So I want to complete study. So I will aplly to study master on 3D animation.


  3. I want a scholarship to study in Canada. I’m gabonese and i have a licence in law. Please,help me.

  4. I requirest canad scholarship iam doctor bachlor digree iam gratulatio 2 years ago iheve work experince 2years to hospitalis an iwent to important master digree canda plse ihope to heart positive feedbak my sincerely

  5. i need this schollarship

  6. I requirest canad scholarship i have BA digree in business mgt iam gratulatio 9 years ago iheve work experince 18 to gov/ i want to learen master scholarship

  7. Lenyatso Adolf Jeremiah

    I apply for sponsorship to study masters degree in Finance. I have just completed my Bachelor of Finance degree at the University of Botswana. Thank you.

  8. I want a scholarship to study in Canada I graduated computer science degree at sheba university. mekelle Ethiopia thanks.

  9. Hirut Ashenafi Mengistu

    I want a scholarship to study in Canada Igraduated Accountant Degree at Rift Value Addis Ababa Ethiopia

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