2FA Authentication
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Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is just a way to claim ownership and gain access to your account. This effectively added an extra layer of security to tighten your account security. It makes it more difficult for hackers to gain access to your account. We’re going to talk about what’s MFA and why you should always make use of it.

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They’re a few ways to identify yourself to a computer system. There are organized into three categories;

  1. Knowledge Factor
  2. Possession Factor
  3. Inherence/Biometric identifiers

Knowledge Factor: This is the most frequently used method of authentication. It’s something that only the users knew. These include Passwords, PIN code, and also personal questions such as where were you born? when do you live?

Possession Factor: These are physical objects like security swipe cards, something only the user has. For example, your ATM card at the ATM machine.

Inherence/Biometric identifiers: this is something only the user is. In a nutshell, this Includes your fingerprints, facial recognition, DNA, Voice prints, and Iris. If I were to choose, Biometric is the best method of authentication and it’s more secure. You can’t change your Fingerprint authentication like you change your passwords.

What’s Multi-Factor Authentication?

As I’ve explicated above, Multi-Factor authentication is just an extra layer of security to tighten up your account protection. Making your account more difficult for hackers to usurp. This is the perfect way to ensure that your account is safer even when you’re not online.

What’s Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-Factor authentication is just a method to combine Knowledge factors such as a password or PIN with a Possession factor such as key card or more commonly, your phone.

Two-Factor authentication is the most popular multi-factor authentication used online. Even WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, Google, and Apple make use of Two-Factor authentication.

Take note of Two-Factor, it is also known as 2FA.

How Does Two-Factor Authentication Works?

As of 2018, SMS was the most commonly used method of 2FA. Google, WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter all use SMS as the basis of their 2FA. To use it, you need to link your mobile phone with your online account in the verification process.

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Whenever you want to log in to your online account, you’ll be able to log in first with the normal way, such as password and username/email. After doing that, you’ll be sent a unique code through SMS for verification.

This code is to bypass 2FA authentication and you will be logged in successfully if you input the correct unique codes.

Why You Should Use Two-Factor Authentication?

If a company like Yahoo can get compromised, then no one is safe online. The only way to be safe is by utilizing 2FA on all your online accounts. Never share your account password or PIN code with anyone.

And also, support 2FA with VPN to make your online account more and more secure. If 2FA authentication is enabled, hackers won’t have access to your data.

Even if your password or PIN code is compromised, hackers won’t have access to your account unless they have your mobile phone.

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