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Samsung is currently working a smartphone with a camera sensor of 600MP. More clearer than human eyes. Human eyes are said to match 500MP, while Samsung target to create a 600MP camera sensor. It seems to be impossible but Samsung is trying a new thing.

Samsung is working on image sensor that will exceed the resolution of the human eyes. Almost ten times clearer than human eyes. Samsung is up to this outstanding technology that will change our technology world.

According to Samsung, Samsung use it Nonacell technology to create the 108MP image sensor. This increase the amount of light absorption that pixels are capable of. Samsung is willing to further improve its pixel technology to the extent that the company will be capable of creating the 600MP camera sensor.

“Samsung is proud to have been leading the small-pixel, high-resolution sensor trend that will continue through 2020 and beyond, and is prepared to ride the next wave of technological innovation with a comprehensive product portfolio that addresses the diverse needs of device manufacturers,”

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Samsung believe that in the future, sensor may be developed that could see microbes not visible to human eyes. Samsung is willing to create other sensor that could register smells or tastes.

“Sensors that even go beyond human senses will soon become an integral part of our daily lives, and we are excited by the potential such sensors have to make the invisible visible and help people by going beyond what our own senses are capable of,”

Samsung is currently working on these features that could see more than human eyes, register smells and tastes than human being.

Samsung is up to this standout project and we are expecting it soon. This project will increase Samsung popularity in technology world.

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