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MTN is always the outstanding network provider in Nigeria. The cases of the Coronavirus are currently going on. MTN as decided to give out 100MB to all their subscribers so you won’t miss any updates on CoronaVirus (Covid-1) cases. 

This free data cannot be used to power all apps because there’s no activation code for this free data. It can’t be share also. This data can only be used to get updates from top blog in the world so you won’t miss any updates. 
I can personally say that this free data is similar to the Opera News free data bundle

How To Get The MTN Coronavirus Free 100MB Data For Getting Updates Only

Honestly, there’s no activation code for this free data, this is for getting updates only. 
Visit these sites below and you will get a notification saying “You’re rewarded with 100MB Data For Getting Updates“.
  • www.health.gov.ng
  • www.ncdc.gov.ng
  • www.covid19.ncdc.gov.ng
  • www.who.int
  • www.africa.cdc.org
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That’s all, you can only use the free 100MB by visiting the sites mentioned above. You’re permitted to use any browser. 
Infoguideglobe is using this time to tell you all that ” Please Stay Safe”. Prevention is better than Cure. Google search about “Coronavirus Prevention Measures“, then follow the prevention measures and please again “Stay Safe“.
Infoguideglobe care and love you all, please share and leave a relevant comment if needed. 

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