Tunneltweak VPN South Africa MTN cheat
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Here’s the latest MTN 0.0kb cheat for South Africa via Tunneltweak VPN. To our lovers in South Africa, we encourage you to try this great VPN which is known as Tunneltweak VPN.

This VPN does it all, last week we posted about 9mobile 0.0kb cheat via Tunneltweak and we’ve heard from our readers that the VPN is super fast.

I can’t vouch that you won’t experience some little throttling but be glad, the owner of the VPN is really doing a great job. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so the owner is good and we should be looking forward to his great improvements.

While we still enjoying the 9mobile 0.0kb cheat on Tunneltweak VPN, here’s an MTN 0.0kb cheat for South Africa only.

This is for South Africa alone, more cheat is coming forth so just stay tuned to this blog or join our Telegram Channel here in case we drop a new blog post, so you’ll be notified.

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This MTN cheat for South Africa consist of two data capacity. The first is 500MB while the second is 100MB.


  • Active MTN South Africa Sim (3G/4G) without any active data bundle
  • Latest Tunneltweak VPN – Download Here

How To Activate The MTN 0.0kb Cheat For South Africa via Tunneltweak VPN

  • After downloading the Tunneltweak VPN with the link above, then install and open the app
  • Tap on The refresh icon at the upper level. Then tap on the Custom and select MTN South Africa free cheat as it’s shown in the screenshot below.
Tunneltweak VPN South Africa MTN cheat
  • You should wait until it’s connected, minimize the app and start surfing the net for free.

If you have any questions, please ask me in the comment below and I’ll be happy to reply you instantly.

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