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We all know social media are widely used by billions of people. People go online everyday to check and update their social media account. 

But sometimes, social media apps do eat up our mobile data. Especially when you are the type who don’t spend too much on mobile data. 
When we’re talking about social media apps that eat up mobile data, then Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube will be mentioned. 
How can you prevent the mobile data’s consumption from occurring continuously when using social media apps? 
In today post, we shall learn how you can easily reduce data usage when using social media apps. 

How To Reduce Data Usage When Using Social Media Apps

Use The Lite Version Of The Social Media App

Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Skype has Lite versions. Lite version doesn’t consume mobile data unlike the real apps. Instagram has a Lite version also in Google Play Store but it’s a web version that doesn’t autoplay videos. 
The Lite version doesn’t eat up mobile data like the real apps, head over to Google Play store and download their lite versions. You can turn on data saver if you are not satisfied with their lite versions, then use the real apps and turn on data saver. 

Limit The Number Of Videos You Watch

Watching videos on Instagram is the most consumptive data usage. So limit it the number of videos you watch on Instagram, so your mobile data can stay long before exhaustion. 
Snapchat videos also consume data a lot, always cautious about the way you watch videos on social media, mobile data consumption is mostly caused by watching of videos. 

Turn Off Background Data For All The Apps

This is method remains the best way to save mobile data. When you turn off background data for all/some apps, this means you won’t receive any messages or notifications from the app unless you are running the app. You can easily do this without the help of any third party apps. Go to settings and tap on data usage then turn off background data for the app you want. 
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