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I have been using this for a while and its amazing, actually you can find this feature in some Android phone. 

In today post, I will teach you how to use/enable video over-layer even if your phone doesn’t support it. 
Firstly, let’s know the advantages of using the video over-layer on your phone. 

The Advantages Of Video Over-Layer

  • Video over-layer can enable you to play game and videos at the same time. 
  • You can Facebook/WhatsApp and you will still be watching the video at the same time. 
The video will stay overlay which means you can view any applications and the video will be over the app, so the two app will be working at the same time. 
See Screenshot below:

How To Use Video Over-layer

There is an Android app that you can use to do this and it’s working ever. 
  • Permit the app to display over other apps. 
  • You will notice that the video will be overlay, you can minimize the app and start using another app. 
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The video will be overlay you can quit the app later if you want.
Drop comment below for any questions and please share. 

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