How To Check The Best Performing Network Speed In Your Area With Whofast

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Do you know you can check the best performing network speed in your area? 

This app will help you to see the fastest and the slowest network provider in your area. 
If you relocate to a new place, you can’t undergo the stress of slow network or throttling. Instead, you make use of this app and you’ll detect the best performing network speed in your area. 

Whofast is a platform developed by Play Data Africa. It lets you collate the best performing data networks in your home, office or elsewhere.

Call it an internet speed test app but this one gives you more details like the best places to use a particular network not just in Nigeria but in Africa. 
I’ve performed some tests with the app for different locations and it doesn’t disappoint me even once. It’s good, the developers of the app needs an accolades because of their good works for developing this cool app. 

You can see the screenshot above, this shows the best performing network in terms of speed, you’re to decided which network is suitable for you. 

To test the best performing network speed in your area, kindly visit and input the necessary details such as location details. 
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