how to find wifi password on android without root
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Wi-Fi networks have been everywhere in schools, homes, fitness centers, friends’ homes, etc. The matter is that, when people set a Wi-Fi password on android, the device saves the password for simple access.

Wi-Fi can be found in virtually every region nowadays. It provides you with unlimited information to access the internet. Everybody has access to multiple Wi-Fi networks. But in some instances, People do not know how to find wifi password on android without root.

But today, I’ll show you how to find wifi password on android without root. It works on each android device, and you don’t have to download some other apps for this. You can study the Wi-Fi password from your phone’s configurations and use it with different devices.

Whenever you’re connected using a network, the password of this saved in your device receives all the saved passwords in the android device without rooting your device. This way, we do not have to recall the password for later usage.

On the other hand, the problem ends while linking another device to the Wi-Fi network. Since we do not remember, the password must ask the password to the Wi-Fi proprietor who could appear embarrassing.

Thus, to avoid such a harsh moment, one needs to find a means to get into the saved passwords on android. Therefore, in the following article, we’ve opted to discuss some practical approaches to recoup saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android tablets.

What’s Rooting?

Many people have used a Windows Pc or perhaps Linux. In the instance of Windows, if installing a new application or applications, it drives a dialogue box stating, “Administrator permission necessary to conduct this app.” If you do not have the administrator’s consent, you will not set up the app. Back to android, this can be named Rooting. It means using the root consent to your cell phone. Some Android apps will require one of the root consents.


How to find Wi-Fi password on android without root

In this device, you can easily see your Wi-Fi password onto your Android device. We need to discover a means through which we could draw the password from the phone with a root entry protocol in the android device.

  1. Access the Developer authority
  • To get the documents that android uses to Run passwords, you have to become a developer.
  • Proceed to settings in your Android device. Scroll down and locate”About phone.”
  • Harness it and scroll down to locate the Build amount.
  • Tap “Build number” 5 to 6 Days Before a message pops up, stating, “You’re currently a developer.”
  1. Permit the debugging
  • Scroll down for Developer choices.
  • Switch onto the button for”Android/USB debugging.”
  1. Install ADB drivers
  • Download and set up ADB drivers in your Windows Desktop.
  • You want to download and set up platform Tools (minimum ADB and fast boot) out of
  • Open the folder where you’ve set up the tools mentioned above. By default, it’s in the regional discCwindowssystem32platform_tools Click within the folder “Open Command Window.”
  1. Examine the ADB
  • To do so, connect your phone to the PC.
  • From the command prompt, kind ADB solutions, And then press.
  • If it’s working correctly, you need to see a device on this list.
  1. Locate Android Wi-Fi password
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Now, type: adb tug / / data/misc/wifi/ / wpa_supplicant. Conf c:/ / wpa_supplicant. conf. This will bring the document from the phone to the neighborhood disk C drive from the PC.

  1. Open the document using notepad, and now there You proceed.




  • Now, launch the app from App Store, and you’ll see the app will begin scanning for all Wi-Fi networks across your place.
  • Now, you can see the listing Wi-Fi Networks the app found. The one thing to do this is to assess the colour of the right side lock when the lock is still green coloured, signifying that the Wi-Fi is hackable, and when red, then it is not.
  • Once you get the network with Green lock signal at appropriate, tap on such a system.
  • An information popup will look, and You tap ‘link’ alternative.
  • Harness the connect’ alternative
  • On another popup, you may Have two choice Root or no root. Now simply choose the NO ROOT process there.
  • Pick the ‘No Root’ alternative.
  • On another popup, you may see a listing of the pin that can help to enter the Wi-Fi networks, select among these, and choose Connect (root) alternative.
  • Pick the PIN and pat ‘Link (Root)’
  • Now pin strike begins, and it Will require some seconds to finish.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • If the PIN entry works effectively, you will observe the network password you will just replicate and then link it to your network.
  • Duplicate the saved password into the clipboard
  • If the Pin does not work, then you Will find an error message, and in the point, you will be to try out another pin, and I am sure that among these will surely work for you.

That’s it you are done, now you’ve got the Wi-Fi password of this network and can readily use it to connect to this network which has any of this device which you have.

Employing ES File Explorer

Well, most of us know the ability of ES Document Explorer for Android. Since its advanced file manager app for android could get android’s centre, file in the ease.

Here is how you can use ES File Explorer to Recover Wi-Fi Password without root.

  • First of all, download & Install ES File Explorer in your Android smartphone. You can find the download link.
  • Within the following step, start the app, and It will request that you give several permissions. Just let all of the much-needed leaves to last.
  • Then open the tools, and you also need to permit the choice’ Root Explorer.’ This choice will let you track down and edit files.
  • Empower the root Explorer’ alternative
  • Now, proceed into the Root Folder and Then find the folder called’ Info.’
  • Find the ‘Info’ folder
  • Under the Data folder, then you Will Need to Locate and open the folder’misc.’
  • Open “misc” folder
  • Under the Misc folder, then you want to locate and open the folder called’Wi-Fi’. Then start the ‘wpa_supplicant. Conf’ file through built-in text/HTML viewer.
  • Open the ‘wpa_supplicant. conf’ file
  • Underneath the wpa_supplicant. Conf file, You have to discover the expression SSID and PSK. SSID is your Wi-Fi title, and PSK is your password.
  • The SSID and PSK
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That is it, and you’re finished! That is how you can regain a Wi-Fi password by employing ES File Explorer Guru. In case you have any uncertainty, then be confident that you share it with us at the remarks.

Throughout ADB Commands

Most of Us know that throughout ADB commands, we can now perform a lot of functions on our Android smartphone. Likewise, we could also see the saved Wi-Fi passwords on Android via ADB commands. The striking thing about this procedure is it does not require root access to work.

  • First of all, head to the Settings > Around Phone. Beneath the About Phone choice, locate Build Number.
  • Find Build Number
  • Now You Have to tap the Build Amount 5 to 6 days in a row. You may soon notice a message ‘you’re now a developer.’
  • Tap on the ‘Build Number’
  • Empower the Developer choices and Then turn the android Debugging’ or’USB Debugging.’
  • Empower ‘USB Debugging’ or’Android Debugging.’
  • On your own Windows computer, install the ADB Drivers.
  • It is possible to find this URL to receive all of the downloads. Once downloaded on the folder and right-clicked in the folder and clicked open Command Window, it’s good. But when the option is lost, then scroll down the Shift key and right-click in the folder and select ‘Open Command Window Here.’
  • Select ‘Open Command Window ‘
  • Connect your android device to the computer via USB cable. On the command prompt, type from ADB providers and press enter.
  • Type the command
  • It Is Going to record now the connected out device. Now type at the command ADB tug /data/misc/wifi/ / wpa_supplicant. Conf c:/ / wpa_supplicant. conf
  • See Wi-Fi passwords
  • The preceding command will bring the file from the android into your C Drive from this PC. Open the following file.

That is it; you’re finished! Now you can use all network SSID and PSK. SSID is the network name, and ask is that the password of their Wi-Fi network.

Another Hack

  • Proceed to the configurations of your mobile phone.
  • Find out a copy and restore it from that point.
  • Pick local backup.
  • Select Wi-Fi settings out of here.
  • It is going to take a couple of minutes or not.
  • The backup file will be transferred to your file Supervisor at a folder called backup.
  • Open the copy text document.
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Here you get all the passwords to save on your Android device.

From here, you have to know all of your Wi-Fi Password in 1 location with no root. The passwords can not be retrieved by anybody that does not have your phone accessibility. Android asks a password while downloading this information. Know that you understand how to locate Wi-Fi password android without root; however, we could join it without even knowing the password also.

Alternative Method

You can still link to the Wi-Fi network that’s saved to your friend’s’ device when you’ve got a QR code scan feature that can be found on your cell phone.

Some smartphones provide one to join the Wi-Fi network by scanning the QR code of some other phone, which has access to this Wi-Fi network. The majority of the Xiaomi device has this attribute. In case you have a Xiaomi phone, visit Wi-Fi preferences and click scan QR code and put the camera into another phone using the system.

That’s it! you can now see the currently connected Wi-Fi password in your Android smartphone without even rooting. If your Android phone remains rooted and needs To locate the now connected Wi-Fi password afterward, this tutorial can help you to accomplish this. View Wi-Fi Password on Android and iOS Device — A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Suppose you’re an iPhone or an iPad user. Here Is an easy tutorial to see Wi-Fi password iPhone and iPad.

If You Would like to view the now connected Wi-Fi password Mac, this article can help you execute it using a step-by-step procedure.

Have you been a Windows user and want to understand the password for the Windows app or notebook. Then here you go. Find Present Wi-Fi Network Alerts on Windows 7/8/8.1/ / 10 PC/Laptop.

Could I find saved Wi-Fi Passwords?

The approaches given in this article will Be used to observe that the saved Wi-Fi passwords on android.

Are there any safety risks connected to The apps?

No, these apps are safe to use. In reality, they’re on the Google Play Store.

Can I hack on Wi-Fi passwords with those apps?

Recovering and hacking are just two distinct things. These apps were supposed to recover passwords that were already saved on the device.


Bottom Line

So, the above shows how you can how to find wifi password on android without root. With this trendy system, you can uncover a Wi-Fi password of almost any network without even rooting your android device. I hope you enjoy this, continue sharing. If you are facing any problem, then only comment under.


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