Facebook Messenger Will Now Warn You of Scammers in Your Inbox
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Facebook Messenger Will Now Warn You of Scammers in Your Inbox

Facebook Messenger is introducing a new feature that will inform you when chatting with a scammer. This new feature is to help you indicate any scammer in your inbox.

This new feature will alert you whenever you are chatting with someone who is impersonator that is using someone’s name to scam.

If you are chatting with someone and they ask for money out of nowhere, Messenger will alert with these “Safety Notices” and pop up a “Steps you can take” alert. These steps will suggest what you can do to avoid a potential scam/fraud.

Underage and Minors

Worry no more, Facebook has added a feature that will alert users below the age of 18 whenever an adult is attempting to engage in an inappropriate conversation. This feature is good for those parents that don’t want their children on Facebook to be exposed to adult movies, pictures and all that.

Scammers And Fraudsters

The third alarm concerns scams and imposters. As Information has detailed previously, Facebook has a scam issue. It’s quite terrible and unavoidable. To assist clients with abstaining from turning out to be focuses of fraud, Facebook will caution them on the off chance that somebody is utilizing their companion’s or relative’s name. It’s a typical fraudulent strategy on the web and could utilize some advanced disinfectant.

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The feature is progressively turning out to Android and iOS clients.

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