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Earlier today, I have made a research and come across Facebook Lite dark mode. I said let me give it a try and I was able to activated it. 

I’m going to review you on how you can easily turn on Dark mode on Facebook Lite. 
Dark mode is one of the best Android app features that every app developer always implemented in the app they develop. 
It prevent eyestrain and also save battery life. It’s widely used by most app developer. 
Before now, we’ve posted how you can activate dark mode on Facebook main app and WhatsApp, check it out. 
Honestly, Facebook lite is widely used by billions of people, because it has over 1 (one) billion downloads on Play Store. 

How To Activate Dark Mode On Facebook Lite

  • Open Facebook Lite
  • Click on Menu, scroll down a bit and toggle on Dark Mode as it is shown below
That’s all, you can share with your friends and family. 

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