How to create folder on Telegram
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Telegram is among the best instant messaging app in the world with over 200 million active users, Telegram has been gaining more popularity due to the amazing features of the instant messaging app.

Telegram currently added this new feature that lets you organize your chats for a quick switch between them. This is called a folder on Telegram and it’s a good and amazing feature.

This is a good feature for those in a lot of groups on Telegram or even channels. This reduced the abilities to search for groups and channels among the others you’ve joined.

This trick can also be used to pin more than five chats. If you own different channels and groups on Telegram, then you can create a folder for your channels and groups so it will be easier to locate.

How Does This Feature look like?
The screenshot below will answer that question.

How to create folder on Telegram

This is just like a tab to arrange your chats in proper order so that it will be easier to switch between them.

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How To Create Folder On Telegram

  • You have to upgrade the Telegram app on your phone to the latest version.
  • Then open the Telegram app and go to Settings
  • Now tap on Folders in the Settings tab
How to create folder on Telegram
  • Click on the Create New Folder or edit the existing ones.
  • You will be able to edit your folder like changing of name and adding/removing a chat(s).
How to create folder on Telegram

Don’t forget to click on Save after editing your folder as you like

How to create folder on Telegram

Close and reopen the Telegram app then you should see the switchable tabs you’ve created.

Tips: You can use this trick to edit and organize your chats in a tab so it will be easier to switch between them.

That’s all, do you have any questions? Never hesitate to ask me by using the comment box below.

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