Create a Bot on Telegram
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Create a Bot on Telegram


Do you want to know how to create a bot on telegram? Here’s a guide on how you can create a bot on Telegram without coding knowledge.

Telegram is one of the best instant messaging apps we know. Recently, Telegram posted that its instant messaging app is now widely used by over 400 million people.

Telegram is getting more popularity and credibility every day. Telegram is far better than WhatsApp if I were to choose.

Telegram might be popular than WhatsApp in the nearest future. I believe that because everyone is satisfied with Telegram with all the amazing features.

The most popular Telegram features are the channel, group, bot, theme, and many more features to make you fall for it.

Besides, WhatsApp is still more popular than Telegram but that’s not where we are going.

Let’s going back to our real discussion on how you can create a bot on Telegram without coding Knowledge.

Honestly, I’ve made a YouTube video for this tutorial to make it more easier and viewable.

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Watch the video below and don’t forget to share with friends

If you don’t like watching videos or you don’t have enough data balance. Then follow my illustrations below.

How To Create A Bot On Telegram Without Coding Knowledge

  • Firstly, visit @BotFather here
  • Secondly, tap on start or send the bot /start command and also send the bot /newsbot
  • You’ll be asked to choose a name for your new bot, send the bot the name you want for your bot. You can include emoji in the name.
  • You’ll be asked again to choose a unique username for your bot, send the bot the name you want without space and emoji. The name must always end with the word “bot”
  • Then you will see a congratulatory message that your bot has been successfully created.
  • You’ll be given a Token API, this code can be used to control your bot so keep it from others.
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Create a bot on telegram

Click on the username to visit your bot.

How To Edit Your Bot With BotFather

Send any of this command below to customize your new bot.

  • /mybots – edit your bots [beta]

Edit Bots

  • /setname – change a bot’s name
  • /setdescription – change bot description
  • /setabouttext – change bot about info
  • /setuserpic – change bot profile photo
  • /setcommands – change the list of commands
  • /deletebot – delete a bot

Bot Settings

  • /token – generate authorization token
  • /revoke – revoke bot access token
  • /setinline – toggle inline mode
  • /setinlinegeo – toggle inline location requests
  • /setinlinefeedback – change inline feedback settings
  • /setjoingroups – can your bot be added to groups?
  • /setprivacy – toggle privacy mode in group

After you customized your bot, you should give the bot it respective work to do by submitting your bot to other third-party bots on telegram.

  • Livegram – easy for people can contact you through your bot.
  • Controllerbot – for using your bot to manage your channel.
  • GroupHelp – for using your bot to manage your group or anyone group
  • Manybot –  for making your bot into a broadcasting centre
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LiveGram Bot: Let Anyone Contact You Through Your Own Bot

Do you want to create a Telegram contact bot for your business or for personal use? LiveGram is here to help you with that. You should have a contact bot for your Telegram channel if it’s solely for your business.

You don’t have to expose your self to Telegram before anyone can contact you. Then, let’s go…

  • Search for LiveGram Bot or click here:
  • Then tap Start and send the bot this command /addbot
  • Now send your bot Token codes to LiveGram bot
  • You should copy your bot Token codes from BotFather
  • Once you’re done, you can share your bot username with anyone to contact you through it.

We shall discuss all the above steps in the next article. The link will be added to this post, so watch out.

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