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Do you have a unique username you wanted to use on Telegram? But unfortunately, someone else is already using it. Today, we’ll talk about how you can reclaim the username.

Telegram is also a popular instant messaging app just like WhatsApp but more preferable than WhatsApp.

That’s not where we’re going, but let’s talk about this “How To Claim An Occupied Username For Your Telegram Account, Channel And Public Group“.

What do I mean by claiming a username on Telegram?
For example, let’s says your brand name is “INFOGUIDEGLOBE“. The perfect username for this your brand name must be “infoguideglobe” as well.

Note: Let’s says someone else has been using your brand name (infoguideglobe) as their own username on Telegram. You can reclaim that username and you’ll be enabled to use your brand name (infoguideglobe) without adding suffix or prefix.

This is two make sure that everyone if safe while using Telegram. I made a post on 12 unbeatable features Telegram has over WhatsApp, check it out here.

Username Bot

This bot is an official Telegram bot, with blue badge. This bot can help you claim an occupied username on Telegram. According to my illustrations above, you can claim any occupied username on Telegram for your brand if someone else is making use of it.

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How To Claim An Occupied Username On Telegram For Your Public Channel, Account Or Public Group

  • Firstly, visit the Telegram Username bot here
  • Tap on Send and send the bot that occupied username you want to claim
  • Then, tap Yes on the options that will be shown.

I’m using “Facebook username as Illustration”. Do you know what to do next?

Note: That username you want to claim on Telegram, you must have at least you that username on two different social media. This is to ensure that the username is for you or your brand.

If you haven’t used it before on at least two social media, forget that username there’s no way to claim it back.

Let’s say you have the Facebook page or account with the Username @Facebook and also a Twitter account with @Facebook. Then, this will be easier for you to claim that your brand username on Telegram.

You just have to create a public post on that Facebook page/account, then public post on Twitter as well. Then you write your post like this on the two social media “This post is for Telegram. I want to get the username t.me/Facebook“.

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Then, copy the link of the Facebook public post and the Twitter own as well. Send the link to the username bot.

If the username is yours truly, Telegram will help you have it back and you will be able to use it on your Telegram public channel, account or public group.
If it’s not yours, just forget it.

Note: Please put it in mind that the ” Facebook” name in this post was just for illustrations. Replace your brand name with it, don’t make such mistakes.

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