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Smartphone are overrated in this era, everyone wants a smartphone. And it’s good to know the essential things you should do when you just get a new phone. 

Please don’t overlooked the essential things below because they are good for your smartphone health. 

7 Essential Things You Need To Do When You Get A New Smartphone

Below are the 7 essential things to do when you get a new phone. 

Check Out The Device Properly 

Check out if the device is okay and also check what’s inside the box. Make sure all the accessories are complete working properly . 

Prepare Your Phone

Make sure to charge your phone before using it. It’s highly recommend to charge every smartphone before use to make sure the battery last long. 

Unwanted Bloatware 

Manufacturers pack some unwanted apps in every smartphone, it’s yours to remove those apps or you disable them. Locate the Settings and navigate to Apps and disable those annoying apps. 

Setup Google Account

Google account helps a lot because without it, you can’t use any Google apps. So if you would like to make sure Google Playstore work out for you, kindly setup Google account. Google account is free, just visit gmail.com and create your account. Google account can also be used for your Android phone backups. 

Secure Your Device

Every smartphone nowadays do come with fingerprint, face-unlock, PIN, Password, Pattern and many more. You should at least secure your phone with one security option. Face-unlock is not much recommended. 

USB Debugging

USB Debugging is more essential in case you forgot your smartphone password then you can easily reset it with your PC. 

Setup Backups

Google account (Gmail) is also needed here because that’s where all files are stored. With your own gmail account, you have access to 15GB from Google Drive. Go to settings on your smartphone then enable Backups and input your gmail. All your apps and data will be stored. So you won’t loose any apps or data even if you lost your phone. 
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