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Scammers are everywhere, they’re on social media and popular sites like dating and others. 

Your BVN is one of the major part of your bank account and it’s can be used to perform transactions without your consent. Fraudsters known how they will do it. 
We’re going to check into the best 6 ways to protect your BVN from scammers. 

6 Best Ways To Protect Your BVN From Fraudsters

  • Scammers can call you and they’ll claim that they are from your bank. Don’t Share Any BVN With Any One. If you want to, then visit your bank or ask your bank to see the number that called you and let’s them verify if it is from them. 
  • Never provide your BVN for any site with “http://” because every website that begins with “http://” they’re are insecure. Don’t ever give these types site your BVN. Every secure website will surely start with “https://” security certificate to ensure that your information are safe and private. Look at the image below for more understanding:
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  • If you have any issues at the bank and you are told to write a letter and you made a mistake while writing the letter. If you are asked to write another one, ensure that you collect the first one with mistake. Fraudsters get bank details from documents disposed by banks. 
  • Never apply for online loan from unauthorized loan site 
  • Remove your mobile number you use to receive bank alerts from all social media. Get a new mobile number for social media
  • Never store your BVN on your phone with the name “My BVN“.
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